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CoPilot Live PPC 7 AU (PCP440K)

CoPilot Part Number: PCP440K

CoPilot Live PPC 7 AU
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  • Auto-routing street-mapping for Australia
  • Live tracking feature
  • Supports voice-guidance on PocketPC
Auto-routing street-mapping for Australia. Supports voice-guidance on PocketPC. With various map displays - including 2D, 3D, Night Mode, 3D POI's, powerful zoom, and the user-selectable color schemes and map styles, you'll be able to configure Travroute CoPilot 7 to suit your individual tastes and needs.

All Travroute systems come with the "Live" option, which allows you to track any of your GPS. Travroute on the PDA, can be interfaced with any Bluetooth GPRS phone, so that the current location is transmitted to the Travroute website. The website URL will reveal the location of the GPS on a "live" street map. Please phone 1800 477 477 for more information.

Includes points of interest (Businesses, restaurants, transport terminals etc) and is able to access user address book. With 12.5 million addresses and over 1,000,000 km’s of roads in Australia you'll be able to find your destination with ease.

The newest edition has the fastest route re-calculation of any navigation system on the market currently. So if you do miss a turn, the software will quickly re-calculate a new best route, instead of trying to make you return to the original route.

There's even walking and cycling modes that provide voice guidance and mapping suited to pedestrians or cyclists, making this software versatile for everyone.
  • New map displays with colorful 2D/3D maps, 3D Points-of-interest icons, and powerful zoom capabilities
  • User-selectable color schemes and map styles including industry standard map colors, make CoPilot Live 7 entirely customizable to the individual as well
  • Smoother map movement shows more natural and realistic locations and transitions on-screen
  • Redesigned, non-distracting Driver Safety view including additional display choices
  • Route preview and demo modes enable users to experience their trip before setting out
  • Simple user interface with large finger-touch buttons and logical menus
  • Improved address entry with predictive address matching and simplified step-by-step input
  • Latest maps of Australia 12.5 million addresses and over 1,000,000 km’s of roads in Australia
  • Points-of-Interest now including phone numbers
  • Walking and cycling modes provide voice guidance and mapping suited to the pedestrian or cyclist, ignoring vehicle restrictions where appropriate
  • Live location tracking via the Internet with the ability to send a tracking invitation to a Microsoft Outlook contact
  • Send current location, ETA, and destination via SMS or a map of the current location via MMS
  • Improved routing engine with additional personalized profiles and scenic routing
  • One version for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Smartphones with support for Windows Mobile 6 and 5.0 devices
  • Detour function with more information provided to help find the best alternative route around unexpected roadblocks and traffic

Specifications are provided as a guide only, and are subject to change without notice.
Package Includes:

  • 128MB SD Card with CoPilot 7 Pre loaded
  • CD-ROM for Windows mapping

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    CoPilot Live PPC 7 AU (PCP440K)