SMART-AIR-PUMP GPS Express 129.00  

GPS Express Smart Motorcycle Air Pump (SMART-AIR-PUMP)

GPS Express Part Number: SMART-AIR-PUMP

(4.5 out of 5, 4 reviews)
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Smart Air Pump

for Motorcycles, Bikes, and more!

How It Works:

Set desired air pressure using the smart pump LCD e-screen and arrow controls,

Activate the Smart Air Pump using single button control,

In less than 2.5 minutes, bicycle tires are inflated to their desired pressure.


  • Intelligent One Touch Operation - Super easy and convenient to use, just set your desired air pressure and activate the Smart Air Pump with a single press of a button
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design - the Smart Air Pump fits in your pocket or in your hand, is smaller than an iPhone 6 Plus and weighs less than an iPad Air
  • Durable and safe - Includes a woven air tube that is durable and not easily destroyed or damaged, making it safer to pump your tires every time
  • Rechargeable Battery - Use the Smart Air Pump over and over again, simple recharge the unit using a micro USB cable
  • Multiple Adapters - As well as the standard inflation adapter, the Smart Air Pump includes a Ball inflation needle, balloon inflation needle

Suggested Uses:

  • Motorcycle tyres
  • Bicycle tyres
  • Footballs, Basketballs, Netballs.
  • Party Balloons
  • Small pool / Beach inflatables

French Adaptor (Presta) and American Adaptor (Schrader) are both supported. Just turn around the head to alternate.

Tech Specs:

  • Weight: 400 grams
  • Charging Time: 2.5 Hours
  • Max Output Air Pressure: 100 psi
  • Dimensions: (L)148.5mm x (W)77mm x (H)26.5MM
  • Inflation Speed:2 minutes for mountain bike (0-55psi)

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Average Customer Rating:  
  (4.5 out of 5 based on 4 reviews)

Verified Buyer's Rating
5 5
, Central coast
5 January 2022

Fantastic small pump for motor cycle

Great small pump to carry on adventure motorcycle. I bought one of these 4 years ago and it still works great , purchased another for my new 2nd bike. The pump is not quick but that’s the trade off for it’s small size but I don’t have a problem with that because after getting a flat tyre there are tools and things to pack up and by the time I have packed up the pump has automatically reached it’s pre determined psi . I have used this pump multiple times over the past 4 years and love it . After use I just put it on the charger in my tank bag so it’s ready for the next inevitable flat tyre. There are faster pumps but not in this small compact size. Highly recommended

Pros: Compact size
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Verified Buyer's Rating
5 5
, Perth, WA
5 May 2021

Very good pump

I carry the pump in my bike toolkit and recharge once every few weeks, I only use to to inflate tires as part of weekly maintenance, but its there ready and able when out and about. Re inflated two tires and it was recharged in less than 30 minutes.

Pros: Easy to use, easy to set pressure and attach to my bike tires. Set pressure, press button and away it goes.
Cons: Need to be able to get spare air tube and fittings.
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Verified Buyer's Rating
4 5
9 September 2019

Good quality and testing reveals it does the job. Compact to carry.

I have tested this unit but not yet used it in the field (I hope I don't really have to). It is good quality, compact and the volume appears sufficient to pump up the tyre after a puncture. only downside would be if you require to pump up twice or more and battery goes flat, there is no way of plugging it into the bike and continue to pump, need to charge it up first which would take hours.

Pros: Good quality, compact design, testing revealed it works fine and it does the intended job
Cons: If there was a requirement to use it more than once in one day, the charge may not be sufficient and cannot be run directly from a battery (ie: need to recharge it which takes hours)
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Verified Buyer's Rating
4 5
, wollongong
9 May 2019

good device

Perfect for what's needed, when touring, take's the guesswork out when it comes to inflating your tires.

Pros: small and easy to use
Cons: you need a bent air valve connector,with some motorcycle wheels,slow inflation.
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