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Garmin VIRB Elite Action Camera Dark (010-01088-16)

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VIRB Elite Action Camera

True 1080p HD Action Camera

With Wi-Fi® and GPS.

The VIRB Elite is a true HD 1080p action camera that combines enhanced HD video recording with Wi-Fi capability and advanced GPS functions like preset recording profiles. For example, the Ski profile automatically records during the run but pauses when you get to the bottom.
VIRB Elite records true HD 1080p video that lets you relive every minute of your adventure in full, high-contrast, undistorted detail. In addition to [email protected], you can adjust resolution and filming speed for crisp, dramatic slow motion up to 120fps. And it’s all processed through a 16 megapixel CMOS sensor so you get the highest quality video and a more manageable file size for editing and sharing. Multiple HD video modes: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]/60fps, [email protected]
VIRB Elite was engineered for ease-of-use with a large, instant record slider switch on the side of the camera. The slide and click of the switch makes it easy to know that you are recording, even if you're wearing gloves. The overall design of the camera is both sleek and rugged which helps you integrate VIRB Elite into your activity without having to work around a bulky camera body.
The wide variety of VIRB Elite mounts allow you to firmly lock the camera in position, virtually anywhere. From curved and flat deck and dash mounts to handlebar, helmet, shoulder and multi-use strap mounts and more, VIRB Elite mounts have you covered. Joints on VIRB Elite mounts feature interlocking joints that grip in place instead of relying solely on tension. This provides a more rugged and durable, anti-vibration locking performance. There's even an adapter that lets you use VIRB Elite with other industry mounts. More information available soon.
VIRB Elite features high-sensitivity GPS for data stamping and GPS-based "smart" recording profiles like Skiing Mode, which automatically records your downhill runs and stops recording while you're getting hot cocoa or waiting in the lift line.
VIRB Elite Action Camera Display

1.4" Chroma Display

Check your shot before you record.

Why mash a button and hope you got the shot when you can set-up, preview and playback video on a built-in, full-colour Chroma display? The 1.4" display on the VIRB Elite is also your window into the menu settings.
Choose slow motion, or even switch between video and still photography. It's always on the screen and the screen is always on (but uses minimal power).
VIRB Elite features a class-leading 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery that tested up to 3 hours recording at 1080p. Which means there's a good chance you'll tire out before the battery does. And with multiple charging options (sold separately) you'll have plenty of juice.
VIRB Elite

Connect Wirelessly to Your Smartphone

As well as ANT+™ sensors.

VIRB Elite is equipped with Wi-Fi for wireless communication to your smartphone or computer. Wi-Fi enables you to see the image preview. Control for playback and adjust camera settings. Plus record and stop the camera as well as remotely snap still photos, even while the camera is filming. Get the App either from iTunes Store or Google Play.
VIRB uses ANT+™ wireless connectivity to enable you to use your compatible Garmin product as a remote control. The VIRB can connect to the following Garmin GPS: Oregon 650/600, Oregon 550/450, Montana, fenix, quatix, tactix, D2, GPSMAP 62, 64, 78 series, eTrex 30, Dakota 20, zumo 390 and Edge 510/800/810.
A dedicated remote control device is also available, so you don't have to take your hands off the handlebars or remove the camera from the mount to stop and start recording to take still images. VIRB Elite's ANT+™ wireless connectivity also works with Garmin external sensors. Pair with the tempe™ wireless temperature sensor, speed/cadence bike sensor and the premium heart rate monitor to include revealing sensor information in your videos, like how fast your heart was racing on your last bike race or peering over the edge of the Grand Canyon. Elite also features a built-in accelerometer and altimeter for data stamping and custom filming profiles. You can track location, speed, elevation, heart rate (monitor sold separately) and more while recording. This data can be reviewed right on the device, or can be embedded into your video during the editing process.
VIRB Elite Action Camera Video and Still

Shoot Video and Photographs at the Same Time

VIRB is a high-powered digital photo camera too.

With 16 megapixel photo capture LDC plus a WideVü lens (Wide/Medium/Narrow) to make your photos sharper, clearer and less distorted. Shoot 16 megapixel, 12 megapixel, or 8 megapixel as a single shot (on-camera button or controlled remotely) or choose Photo Burst or Time Lapse at various intervals. And it's all processed through a 16 megapixel CMOS processor for high quality images and more manageable file sizes.
Don't lose a moment of video just to capture a photograph. VIRB Elite allows you to take still photos at the same time you are recording video with just a touch of the button on either your compatible Garmin device or on the camera itself.
VIRB Elite is rugged and waterproof to IPX7 standards (Protected against water immersion for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter) right out of the box. For deeper dives and more sustained exposure, the optional Dive Case increases the waterproof rating to 50 meters.
VIRB Edit Free Software

Editing Made Easy

Free desktop editing software.

VIRB Edit is free desktop editing software that you can download to your computer for intuitive, robust video editing that takes advantage of all the VIRB Elite external and built-in sensor compatibility and compatibility with other Garmin devices. Include a dashboard with your speed and heart rate with your motorcycle video, or the accelerometer and altitude data on your sky dive. Once you have the video you want to share, upload it on to your favourite share sites for all your friends to see.
With the Digital Stabilization feature engaged, VIRB Elite adds a little stability to bumpy rides and adventures so you can share a smoother video with your friends. Plus Lens Distortion Correction (LDC) works to enhance the quality of your video, even before you start editing.

Unit Dimensions (H x W x D): 32mm 53mm 111mm
Display Size: 1.4" (205 x 148)
Weight: Without battery and battery door: 125g
Without battery: 136g
With battery: 178g
With battery and cradle: 203g
With battery, cradle and flat mount assembly: 236g

Image Sensor: 16 MP, 1/2.3" CMOS
File Type: .mp4
1080p HD Video: 1920 × 1080; 30 fps
960p HD Video: 1280 × 960; 30,60 fps
720p HD Video: 1280 × 720; 30,60 fps
WVGA (slow motion): 854 × 480; 120,60 fps
Still Photo Resolution: 16 MP (4664*3496); 12 MP (4664*2632); 8 MP (3264*2448)
Photo Burst: 6/s
Photo Time Lapse (seconds): 0.5,1,2,5,10,30,60

Internal Microphone: Yes
External Microphone: Optional USB to 3.5 mm stereo mic adapter

Bluetooth®: No
ANT+™ Compatible: Yes (remote & sensors)
Interface: USB 2.0
HDMI Output: micro HDMI
Wi-Fi: 802.11 bgn

GPS: Yes
Temperature Range: -15° to 60° C
Memory: microSD™ card (up to 64 GB); card not included
Accelerometer: Yes
Altimeter: Yes
Water Resistant: IPX7 (1 m/30 min)
Image Stabilization: Yes (digital)
Lens distortion correction: Yes

Battery Type: Removable Li-ion
Battery Capacity: 2000 mAh
Battery Life: 1080p (30 fps); up to 3 hrs

Specifications are provided as a guide only, and are subject to change without notice.
Package Includes:

  • VIRB Elite Action Camera
  • Lithium-ion Battery
  • Cradle
  • Short Link
  • Right Angle Link
  • Adapter to Popular Industry Mounts
  • Flat Surface Mount
  • Curved Surface Mount
  • Removable Flange Base
  • Threaded Collar
  • Knobs (3)
  • USB Cable
  • Documentation

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    Average Customer Rating:  
      (4.9 out of 5 based on 8 reviews)

    Verified Buyer's Rating
    5 5
    , Mooroolbark
    24 March 2016

    Great Camera - easy to use, sturdy

    Very happy with the camera, exactly what I required to carry-out the task is was purchased for.

    1 of 1 people found this review useful
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    Verified Buyer's Rating
    5 5
    , Ipswich
    4 March 2016

    Spot on.

    The VIRB is an excellent camera. From the installation to the operation it is well thought out in its approach. This is what is required in an action camera. Well done

    Pros: The options of overlay and GPS and ease of use.
    Cons: Not having the screen backlit in poorer light is a very small issue.
    1 of 1 people found this review useful
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    Verified Buyer's Rating
    5 5
    , Darwin NT
    9 September 2015


    Great little device that has produced great quality photos. Simply to use and download data onto almost any GIS software including Google earth

    Pros: Simplicity with everything at the touch of a button
    Cons: -
    1 of 1 people found this review useful
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    Verified Buyer's Rating
    5 5
    , Melbourne
    27 May 2015

    Highly Recommend it

    Excellent unit, does exactly what it says on the box. However, the VIRB edit software is fairly basic & needs some fundamental improvements such as combining the distance information on the individual files created whilst recording. The file structure it reads from the MicroSD card is exFAT, but this has a size limitation of less than 3.7GB. As a result, the distance data gathered is discrete & does not accumulate across files when recording. Therefore, if your ride is longer than it takes to generate a 3.7GB file, the information is not summed across the files in the final edit. This is a simple software fix, nothing to do with the unit itself, but Garmin needs to do this in my opinion .... I have also tried different file structures such as MAC & NTFS, but the VIRB Elite won't read anything that isn't exFAT ..... To overcome this limitation, reduce the capture resolution to 720 instead of 1080. This will give you a 64 minute record time, rather than a 28 minute record time at 1080. If your ride is longer then 64 minutes, you'll be back to square one with the cumulative distance issue stated above .... Besides this single software issue which can be readily fixed, the unit itself is super-fantastic.

    Pros: Image stabilisation not really required on a front suspension bike
    Cons: Does not continually sum distance ridden across multiple files
    2 of 3 people found this review useful
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    Verified Buyer's Rating
    5 5
    , Perth
    8 May 2015

    different to a go-pro and a good thing

    works as expected. colour reproduction is great and image stabilisation works pretty well. bit noisy when attached to a bike mount and out on the trails vs road but using a helmet mount will probably fix that. the extra connectivity to ant+ devices, gps and production of vids with the free virb software makes the vids that much more interesting that something produced with your average go-pro. for its shape i wouldnt try chest mount it like a go-pro ;) but for anything biking (my intended use) its great. even just sitting on the dash of the car it works great. additional battery gives a good run time...each battery probably gives about 2.5 hours and swap out is easy. reccomended.

    Pros: gps and logging of ant+ information make for interesting videos with the overlays
    Cons: connection to phone is a little glitchy and cant download photos to phone but minor annoyance
    2 of 3 people found this review useful
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