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Minelab Equinox 600 (3720-0001)

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Equally adaptable for all target types and ground conditions… Just select your detecting location and go!

With innovative NEW simultaneous multi-frequency technology, the EQUINOX Series redefines all-purpose detecting for the serious enthusiast. Equally adaptable for all target types and ground conditions, just set your detecting location and go!

Simultaneous Multi-Frequency

True intelligent Simultaneous Multi-Frequency for maximum performance, plus a wide range of single frequencies.

Wireless Audio Compatible

Compatible with ultra-fast wireless audio with the WM 08, and fast aptX™ Low Latency / Bluetooth headphones.

Waterproof Design

EQUINOX is fully submersible, ideal for detecting at the beach and in rivers, streams and lakes. (3m / 10-feet)

6 Custom Search Profiles

Each Detect Mode features 2 custom Search Profiles so you can save your favourite settings in each mode.

Sleek & Lightweight

Rugged and lightweight construction allows you to enjoy long detecting sessions in any environment.

Fast & Accurate Target ID

Fast recovery speed with accurate Target ID ensures you won’t miss any valuable targets amongst the trash.


"The Minelab EQUINOX is truly in a league of its own. In the short time I've been operating this machine, I've recovered deep coins and artifacts from iron infested sites that other machines simply cannot detect."

- Brandon Neice

Left: Rare 1876 Carson City minted US dime​ | Centre and right: Ancient Roman coin, possibly Aurelius Sol Invictus AD 270-275​ (obverse and reverse)


Detect Modes:

Great for high-trash recreational areas, including most general detecting.

Ideal for detecting in historical fields for the widest range of target sizes.

Optimised for all salty conditions - dry sand, wet sand, surf, underwater.


User Interface

The clear LCD features large Target ID numbers so you can see your target ID at a glance. All of the information you need when detecting is right there in front of you.

Detect Modes and operating frequency can be instantly changed at the push of a button for a dynamic and uninterrupted detecting experience.

Using the EQUINOX 600 user interface, you can:

  • Change the Detect Mode, Frequency and Sensitivity on the go.
  • Create your own notch discrimination patterns to ignore unwanted targets.
  • Activate All-Metal mode to temporarily disable the current discrimination pattern.
  • Activate Pinpoint mode to zero-in on a promising target so that you know exactly where to dig.
  • Adjust an array of essential and advanced detecting functions including Noise Cancel, Ground Balance, Volume Adjust, Threshold Level, Target Tone, Accept / Reject and Recovery Speed.
  • View the status of your battery and wireless audio device connections.

Plus more!

For detailed information on user interface functionality and operation, download the EQUINOX 600 | 800 Getting Started Guide from the downloads tab.



Low frequencies give more depth on large targets, and high frequencies are usually more sensitive to small targets. With EQUINOX you can operate across the full spectrum of frequencies simultaneously for maximum results.

* 20 kHz and 40 kHz are not available as single operating frequencies in EQUINOX 600. The Multi-IQ frequency range shown applies to both EQUINOX 600 and 800. This diagram is representative only. Actual sensitivity levels will depend upon target types and sizes, ground conditions and detector settings.


Product Comparison (Differences only)

Detect Modes Park/Beach/Field Park/Beach/Field/Gold
Custom Search Profiles 6 (2 per Detect Mode) 8 (2 per Detect Mode)
User Profile Button No Yes
Operating Frequencies (kHz) Multi, 5, 10, 15 Multi, 5, 10, 15, 20, 40
Noise Cancel Auto Auto | Manual (-9 to 9)
Tone Break Ferrous Ferrous | Non-Ferrous
Tone Pitch Ferrous Ferrous | Non-Ferrous
Tone Volume Ferrous Ferrous | Non-Ferrous
Included Headphones Wired 3.5mm (1/8") headphones (non waterproof) Bluetooth and aptX™ Low Latency headphones (non waterproof)
WM 08 (Included) No Yes
LCD Backlight On / Off Low | Medium | High | Off
Key Technologies
  • Multi-IQ
  • 3Fx3
  • Wi-Stream
  • Bluetooth
  • aptX™ Low Latency
  • Multi-IQ
  • 5Fx8
  • Wi-Stream
  • Bluetooth
  • aptX™ Low Latency


Detect Modes
  • Park
  • Beach
  • Field
Custom Search Profiles 6 (2 per Detect Mode)
User Profile Button No
Operating Frequencies
  • Multi
  • 5
  • 10
  • 15
Noise Cancel Auto
Ground Balance
  • Auto
  • Manual
Sensitivity 1-25
Target Volume 0-25
Threshold Level 0-25
Target Identification 50 segment notch discrimination | Ferrous: -9 – 0 | Non-ferrous: 1 – 40
Threshold Pitch Fixed
Target Tones
  • 1
  • 2
  • 5
  • 50
Tone Break Ferrous
Tone Pitch Ferrous
Tone Volume Ferrous
Depth Indicator 5 levels
Length 1440 mm (56.7")
Weight 1.34 kg (2.96 lbs)
Standard Coil 11-inch Double-D Smart coil with skidplate (waterproof to 3m/10')
Audio Output
  • In-built loudspeaker
  • 3.5mm (1/8") headphones (included)
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • WM 08 Wi-Stream compatible
Headphones (included) Wired 3.5mm (1/8") headphones (non waterproof)
Display Monochrome LCD with backlight
LCD Backlight On, Off
Battery In-built rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Battery runtime Approx. 12 hours
Waterproof Waterproof to 3m/10-feet
Key Technologies Multi-IQ | 3F×3 | Wi-Stream | Bluetooth | aptX™ Low Latency
Other Accessories USB Charging cable (1.5A), Multi Language Screen protectors
Software Upgradeable Yes, via USB connection (Windows and OSX)
Warranty 3 years control box and coil

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    , Brisbane Qld
    10 October 2020


    Excellent Detector and great people to purchase from 100%

    Pros: Fantastic unit which is ultra light and super quality. The Equinox is a mighty piece of equipment to have at your disposal and would make anyone jealous with a lesser machine. Enjoy the hunt, I will.
    Cons: Nil
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