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PolarPro Spark Filter 3 Pack (SPRK-5001)

PolarPro Part Number: SPRK-5001

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Filter 3-Pack - Polarizer / ND8 / ND16

for the DJI Spark Drone


The PolarPro DJI Spark Prime Filter 3-Pack is constructed with high-quality materials that enable you to capture the best image quality possible. PolarPro prides itself on its craftsmanship and attention to detail when it comes to building filters, and have made no exception with otheir filters for DJI's Spark.

Included in the Prime 3-Pack are a fixed polarizer, ND8, and ND16 filter. Each filter is constructed with PolarPro's HD glass for razor sharp clarity. Crafted with an aircraft grade aluminum, the frame is designed to be lightweight yet extremely durable. PolarPro backs all its filters with a lifetime guarantee and promises you will be satisfied with your filters. PolarPro filters guarantee that these will be 100% compatible with the DJI Spark camera's start-up initialization as well as within the maximum amount of weight the gimbal can safely handle. PolarPro's DJI Spark Prime 3-Pack is perfect for pilots who wish to enhance their image quality and capture smooth cinematic content.

Are the Filters Safe To Use With The Gimbal

PolarPro put all their filters through a variety of gimbal load tests. The DJI Spark filters are below the maximum weight threshold established for the DJI Spark. Guaranteed filter compatibility with the DJI Spark camera/gimbal and that it will have no negative effects on your gimbal. PolarPro have been making filters for gimbal and drones for 4 years now and are very familiar with what these cameras and gimbals can and can't handle.


  • Filters engineered specifically for the DJI Spark camera
  • Includes a fixed Polarizer, ND8 and ND16 filters
  • Filters are crafted with PolarPro's HD glass for razor sharp clarity
  • Aircraft Aluminum frame construction is lightweight yet extremely durable
  • Easy to use press on design for quick installation and removal
  • Designed to be left on during gimbal start-up
  • Built to last and come with a lifetime warranty from PolarPro

Included Filters:

Polarizer Filter (fixed): The fixed Spark Polarizer filter is pre-set to a horizontal polarization angle. This is the angle that will reduce the broadest amount of glare. It is designed to be extremely easy to use with no adjustments required. The Polarizer helps reduce glare and increase color saturation and contrast.

ND8 Filter: The ND8 Spark filter reduces the camera's shutter speed by 3-stops. The purpose of an ND filter is to slow shutter speed and give your video a smooth cinematic look. Generally, you will use an ND8 on a cloudy to partly cloudy day for best results.

ND16 Filter: The ND16 Spark filter reduces the camera's shutter speed by 4-stops. With this filter, you will get the best results on partly cloudy to sunny days. The ND16 will slow the DJI Spark's shutter speed to give your videos a smooth and cinematic look


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