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Sena 10S Bluetooth Headset (10S-02)

Sena Part Number: 10S-02

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Sena 10S Bluetooth Headset

Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

Bluetooth 4.1., enhanced audio and longer range.

The Sena 10S Motorcycle Bluetooth® Communication System is an upgraded version of the original SMH10 system, which has proven itself roadworthy to motorcyclists everywhere.
Now in a slimmer profile, the 10S maximises the enjoyment factor of your ride by keeping you in touch with up to four riding companions via crystal-clear HD audio, up to 1.6 km (1 mile) away, through the One Touch Group Intercom™.
The 10S also uses the Universal Intercom™ protocol so it can communicate with all Sena and non-Sena Bluetooth headsets on the market.
Sena 10S Bluetooth Headset

Hear In All Conditions

Crystal-clear HD Audio & Advanced Noise Control

The 10S delivers HD-quality audio that's clear, precise, and comfortable in every condition.
Sena's Advanced Noise Control™ ensures ambient noise doesn't interfere with incoming and outgoing audio. Meanwhile the Bluetooth 4.1 technology, improved stereo Bluetooth speakers, and advanced architecture creates a smooth, crisp, and responsive user experience you'll love.
The Sena Smartphone App is available for users to download on both iPhone and Android smartphones to allow users to adjust the settings of their 10S. Change settings, set groups of intercom friends, and access a Quick Guide. You can also set up your 10S to pair with up to two mobile phones for convenient hands-free calling.
Sena 10S Bluetooth Headset

All In One Clamp System

Simplified, reliable audio connections.

The 10S simplifies the connections for your earbuds and microphone (wired or wired boom type) by condensing them down to a single clamp connector, which minimizes the number of wires and enhances reliability.
Talk Time: 12 hours
Standby Time: 10 days
Operating Temperature: -10°C to 55°C
Dimensions (main module): 85 mm x 57 mm x 27 mm ( 3.4 in x 2.2 in x 1.1 in)
Speaker: driver unit 36 mm – thickness 6.5 mm
Boom Microphone Length: 183 mm
Weight (module): 57 g
Bluetooth: Headset Profile (HSP)
Hands-Free Profile (HFP)
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)
Bluetooth 4.1
Intercom Working Distance: Up to 1.6 kilometers (1.0 mile) in open terrain
Audio: Built-in SBC Codec - Advanced Noise Control™, Wide volume control, Sample rate: max. 48kHz (DAC)
Battery: Charging time: 3 hours
Type: Lithium polymer battery
Certificates: CE, FCC, IC

Specifications are provided as a guide only, and are subject to change without notice.

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