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About Johnny Appleseed GPS

GPS is making a big impact. From locations of endangered species, to logging the positions of roads and access, and scientific farm and crop applications. The largest economic impact is through the use of in-car navigation, with savings in fuel and time. Recreational pursuits such as camping and boating are big winners with GPS. Aviators find GPS a useful back up for route planning and log books.

Our Job

To supply useful GPS systems and associated devices, and advice on such, to all users and potential users of the Global Positioning System.

Johnny Appleseed GPS is a trading name of GPS Express Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 104 263 498), a family company owned by Kimball and Colleen Thurlow. Our employee backgrounds have facilitated the company’s supply of GPS to a wide range of users, including surveyors, scientists, mining and recreational and marine enthusiasts. We have the experience to professionally assist all who may require GPS, for a wide variety of applications. Corporate, quantity and GIS products are handled at our head office in Acacia Ridge, Brisbane, at 07 3717 8555.

Because of our unique product focus, we can ship worldwide where sourcing might be a problem. This includes Europe, Asia, and North and South America.

We specialize in Garmin GPS, RAM Mounts, Trimble, DJI Drones, Minelab, Hemisphere DGPS, and other navigation devices.

Johnny Appleseed GPS has a service centre for repairs to Juniper Systems, Trimble and Handheld products at the Acacia Ridge office.

Because users are outdoor, we assist with any other devices and accessories that will support the use of this equipment in the field, in the air, or on the water.

We are a Qld Government Accredited Supplier - QAssure # 11233 (Previously GITC Q 2522).

Genuine Australian Stock

At Johnny Appleseed GPS we source our products from genuine Australian distributors or manufacturers.

We do this for a number of reasons including:

  1. Secure warranty and customer service back up.
  2. Minimal delay in obtaining and maintaining our stock levels to ensure speedy delivery to our customers.

Companies with direct representation or distributors in Australia include Garmin Australasia, Minelab, Sena, FLIR, GME, Zoleo, Hemisphere GPS, + many more.

Each of our stores keeps sufficient stock on the shelf, to avoid any delay between the local manufacturer/distributor and us. This means super fast deliveries or in-store pickups, and being able to inspect items in our stores before purchasing.

We also source product directly from overseas manufacturers.

These include National Products, Seattle USA (RAM), and Trimble USA.

With these products we have our own arrangements for:

  1. Secure warranty and customer service back up within our Australian operation.
  2. Ordering systems for timely delivery and maintenance of adequate stock levels to ensure speedy delivery to our customers.