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Area Measurement

When you purchase a Garmin GPS for this purpose, we also supply special instructions for this and other rural, land and aquatic operations.

Area Measurement made easier with GPS

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We load specially for you, the latest firmware, and free uploads of POI
(red light cameras, school zones, speed cameras, low bridges, public toilets etc).
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Why go anywhere else?
Many Garmin GPS have a special area measurement function.
Simply walk, ride, drive or fly around the perimeter, and press a button. Simple! You can use it on land or water.

Mathematical Considerations

It is not possible for us to claim a particular accuracy for area measurements using a Garmin GPS.

As you know, Garmin GPS (and the civilian GPS system accuracy) is 15 metres.
In the space of half an hour, what you lose on the roundabout, you'll gain on the merry-go-round.

So area measurements can be surprisingly accurate. We can advise on methods of test, and ways to satisfy yourself about the results you are getting.

Ask for special instructions from Johnny Appleseed GPS.
Quarry and extractive industries

Quarry and extractive industries

In assessment of possible mineral or gravel deposits, a Garmin GPS could be most useful.

And when extraction is underway, you can keep a pretty reliable record of what work has been done over a period.

At a low level of accuracy, volumes can be calculated to assist in planning, finances and projections.

Ask for special instructions from Johnny Appleseed GPS.
Water bodies, dams and lakes

Water bodies, Dams and Lakes

You can measure volumes of water by using the area and the average depth.

By subtracting the water area from the total paddock area, you can also get the arable or grazing area.

Water may also be used for valuation purposes.

Ask for special instructions from Johnny Appleseed GPS.
Crops, Tillage, and Unimproved land

Crops, Tillage, and Unimproved land

There are always important consideration for crops.

Valuations for financial management, assessment of risk, and documentation of crop damage (pest, weather or fire) are made simpler and more reliable with an area capable Garmin GPS.

Ask for special instructions from Johnny Appleseed GPS.
Creeks and Watercourses

Creeks and Watercourses

Sometimes it is important to understand how much land there is between the highest flood banks of a watercourse.

This may be used for valuation purposes, or assist in planning how much arable land you have in the balance of a paddock.

Ask for special instructions from Johnny Appleseed GPS.
Pastures and Range Country

Pastures and Range Country

Actual land area is measured, not the area projected to a plane surface. So the whole slope is calculated. In steep country, this can make quite a difference.

Sometimes it is more practical to traverse small sections, and then add them together. Or even do a large area, then subtract a smaller measured section

Ask for special instructions from Johnny Appleseed GPS.