Garmin Varia - Review

The release of the Garmin Varia range of smart lights provides cyclists with GPS-integrated improvements to their safety out on the road. The Varia lights I tested were the front and rear Smart Lights and the Rearview Radar.


New! Garmin Forerunner 230, Forerunner 235, and Forerunner 630 Running Watches

Garmin have announced new models to their fitness range - the Forerunner 230, Forerunner 235, and Forerunner 630.

These models build on the tried and true products of the previous Garmin forerunner range, adding in connected features, activity tracking, and Connect IQ capability.

The brilliant colour screens show at a glance all the metrics you could want, and the Forerunner 235 even adds wrist-based heart rate, so you don't have to use a chest strap to get your heart rate data. The wrist based heart rate allows you to track your resting heart rate easily at any time of the day.


Why Australia Needs To Own A Space Satellite Or Two

Australia's advantages in mineral resources, tourism and agriculture are gradually being whittled away by the inability or unwillingness of our governments to adopt leading space technologies.

In April 2013, The Times of India noted "In the next two years, our country will be blessed with several new satellite based services. Value adding services from use of navigation will also help the public," India does it. Vietnam does it. Why doesn't Australia?? [More]

The Garmin Epix –Garmin’s First Mapping Adventure Watch

The Epix is Garmin’s first GPS watch that supports mapping and I have been testing it out for the past few months. It’s their flagship product, and comes with a price to match, but they have squeezed a massive amount of features into a watch. The unit itself is quite large – it doesn’t really suit people with small wrists at all and is bigger than most normal watches. That being said it is still suitable for everyday wear and is quite lightweight. I didn’t notice it on my wrist anymore than a regular watch, but I did have a few people comment on its size. [More]

Garmin Vector 2S

I was reluctant to buy a power meter for a long time; the cost compared to other cycling parts is quite high.

I am aware of the Limits and PowerPod crowdfunded cheaper alternatives to the other well-known power meters but I'm put off by the DC Rainmaker review. A power meter is a serious investment for getting serious about cycling; best to aim for a quality, big-brand power meter to be assured of the accuracy. The left-hand side only Garmin Vector 2S was a good compromise between cost and reliability. [More]