DGPS stands for Differential GPS, and is the process of applying corrections to a normal GPS signal to improve accuracy. In Australia, corrections come from either, an AMSA marine beacon (useful up to 300Km inland), or an OmniSTAR/Trimble RTX/Hemisphere Atlas satellite service which covers all of our country, no matter where you are. These corrections are applied in real-time, while you are using the equipment in the field, and work seamlessly with any type of mapping or computer application, just like the normal GPS.

DGPS systems provide sub-metre (50-70cm), or deci-metre (10-15cm) real-time accuracies. The position results are shown and applied in real-time on your device. We specialise in Hemisphere, Trimble, and OmniSTAR systems for all budgets.

If you need a DGPS system for only a short period or project, you may wish to take advantage of our hire rates. We have daily, weekly, and monthly hire rates to suit any project length. You choose if you want decimetre, submeter, or standard GPS accuracy.