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Browse the range of motorcycle GPS units from Johnny Appleseed GPS. Motorcycles demand something different when you’re navigating the roads, and the range from Garmin delivers everything you need and more. Explore the full collection, including the Zumo range and the Tread range, and find the one that suits the way you love to ride. The Garmin Tread navigators are designed with group rides in mind via both offroad motorcycles and offroad buggies. For a personal recommendation, you can always contact our team. 

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These motorcycle GPS units are made to withstand all weather and terrain conditions, are built for safety while you're riding and offer a whole host of features that'll make your trip better whether you're riding alone or in a group. These are the best motorcycle GPS in Australia, coming built-in with maps covering every state, giving you the freedom to roam. 

Benefits of Using a Garmin Motorcycle GPS 

The software behind the Garmin GPS range delivers plenty of versatility before, during and after your ride. Before you head out, your Garmin motorcycle GPS can be set up with custom routes, removing the need to adjust while you're on the road. Once you've left, the touch screen capability makes it easy to switch between street and topographic maps, giving you a better perspective of the road ahead. To increase safety and reduce reliance on looking at your path, you can also enable Bluetooth connection to either your helmet or headpiece for in-ear directions. 

For those of you riding in a group, you can watch each other's journey as you ride with the Tread app. You'll also be able to find places to stop and eat, thanks to the Trendy Places and Local Spots features. 

The hardware itself is made for all conditions, with a strong backlight to clearly show your way - from bright sunlight to dark evenings. With an IPX7 rating, your motorcycle GPS unit is also waterproof in the rain, dustproof on dirt tracks and vibration-resistant for more rocky roads. 

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Explore motorcycle GPS Australia-wide from Johnny Appleseed GPS. You can visit in-store to find the best GPS for your motorcycle or shop online with free delivery. A cut above the rest, the Garmin motorcycle GPS systems are made especially with your ride in mind. You can also shop the range of Garmin mounts to keep your GPS for your motorcycle extra secure. 

FAQs About Motorcycle GPS

A motorcycle GPS is simply a navigation system that has been designed to accommodate the unique conditions being on a motorcycle creates, as well as with the rider's needs in mind. They'll typically include features required both to withstand the unique conditions that being exposed to open-air poses as well as offer more unique options for trips and destinations. 

The specifications of GPS navigation for a motorcycle are different from what you'd find in the equivalent for a car. Typically, GPS devices for motorcycles will be more compact and designed to sit on the handlebars instead. They're also typically made from more resilient materials to handle increased vibrations from the wind and road, along with more weather-proofing against rain and dust. 

Motorcycle GPS also typically have more sensitive touchscreen displays that can still be used while wearing riding gloves. The routes built into GPS locators for motorcycles also often have unique locations and destinations that aren't accessible by car, delivering a more personalised experience for the rider. 

The range of motorcycle GPS systems from Garmin is made with performance, reliability and resilience in mind. Combining hard-wearing materials with comprehensive technology that offers multiple route options and hands-free capability, these systems do everything you need and more. Whether you're heading through the city or going off the beaten path, you'll have a hard-wearing piece of tech that can handle everything your ride will throw at it when you have a Garmin motorcycle GPS on your handlebars. 

GPS doesn't need a signal in the way that mobile phones do, making them a more reliable source for up-to-date information on both location and available routes you can take. They get signals from satellites around the planet and then orient themselves around the time it takes to receive a signal from certain satellites and how far away those satellites are. You can then access precise information about your location through the GPS device's system to find your location with an incredibly high degree of accuracy.