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At Johnny Appleseed GPS, we have an extensive range of Garmin marine GPS and chartplotters available. These units have revolutionised fishing with advanced sonar technology to identify optimal fishing locations. 


These devices give you a crystal-clear view of what’s just below the surface and allow you to drop waypoints to come back to great fishing spots or zones to avoid. The chartplotter aspect of these combo units is also vital in giving you peace of mind when you’re out on the water.

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Explore rivers, canals, and oceans with ease with the extensive range of marine GPS systems from Garmin, including marine GPS smart watches, handheld and mounted marine GPS devices that can be placed on your boat for ease of navigation.

Essential Marine GPS Chartplotters for Navigation

The marine GPS solutions offered by Garmin include chartplotter functionality, which allows you to place waypoints and map your routes as you go.

Some marine GPS devices, such as the Garmin ECHOMAP UHD2 75sv GT54 with Navionics+, include select preloaded maps that can help make it even easier to plot the courses you want to take while out at sea.

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FAQs About Marine GPS

Much in the way that your car GPS helps you navigate the expansive roads and motorways, a marine GPS allows you to more effectively navigate your way around rivers, canals, oceans, and other major bodies of water where boats are allowed.

Along with mapping your surroundings, they allow you to chart courses and map out bodies of water, vegetation, obstructions, and sea life through the use of sonar.

Marine GPS devices also tend to include live weather and tide updates, wind speeds, your vessel’s speed, and can identify ideal areas for fishing.

To optimise your marine adventures and be better prepared for anything it throws at you, a marine GPS device is an absolute must for any boating enthusiast.

While handheld and fixed-mount marine GPS devices aim to cover similar functions and use cases, differences do tend to exist in their feature sets.

Handheld GPS devices are typically better suited for smaller vessels, kayaks, and jet skis. Fixed-mount devices are designed for larger vessels - fishing boats, yachts, cruise ships, etc.

Mounted GPS systems tend to have more comprehensive charting features and are designed for constant use as they’re connected to a power source. Handheld marine GPS units can be a great backup to have along with a mounted device or if you simply want some more surface-level navigation solutions.

Yes. A key function for marine GPS chartplotters is to provide nautical charts and marine maps to help users more easily navigate the ocean and other bodies of water. You can track your journey and refer to your GPS to retrace your steps.

If you have any other questions related to marine GPS devices that have not been answered here, don’t hesitate to reach out and get in touch. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.