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Hand-held GPS are a useful tool to have for any outdoor enthusiast. Whether you’re heading out hiking on the trails or far off the coast in your boat, they’re an invaluable tool both for navigation and in case of emergency.

We have a wide range of Garmin Handheld GPS units for Australia, suitable for the casual hobbyist all the way to the professional user. Most handhelds come preloaded with a base map or topographic map that allows for route planning, waypoints and, for some models, Geotagged photographs. 

You can upgrade these models with preloaded mapping cards like Hema Maps or even extend your range to New Zealand with the Garmin Full Topo Map Card.

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With a variety of models, our collection of portable, handheld GPS from Garmin has something for everyone at every price point. Discover the range for yourself, or contact our team for more information and a personal recommendation. 

Why you Should Use a Garmin Handheld GPS device?

From hand-held models down to watch-style portable GPS, Garmin makes incredibly hard-wearing and long-lasting tech that's perfect for taking on any kind of adventure. They're incredibly lightweight and compact, meaning they won't take up precious space in your backpack nor weigh you down if you're walking long distances. 

Their displays are bright and easy to read, with intuitive button design making for easy use. Long-lasting battery life also guarantees they'll last the distance if you're using them regularly. 

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Head out with confidence, knowing you've got comprehensive and high-quality technology that can act as a backup or primary navigation device for your big adventure. Suitable for a whole host of applications, our collection of handheld GPS devices can be used across land and marine environments, giving you accurate and up-to-date information throughout the course of your journey. 

FAQs About Handheld GPS

Handheld GPS devices are a portable and convenient way to find and record your path across every kind of environment - including cities, the remote wilderness and far out at sea. They operate by triangulation through their relative distance to satellites orbiting the Earth, giving you highly accurate location information even in areas where you wouldn't normally get a signal. 

If you're travelling overseas, to more remote locations or anywhere that has a weak internet connection, handheld GPS is far more reliable and consistent than your phone's map software will be.

The reason is that unless your phone has GPS built-in, the accuracy you get from it heavily relies on a stable and high-speed internet connection. Portable GPS instead operates through the use of satellite locations — without the need for any internet connection.

Aside from requiring an internet connection to function accurately, smartphones typically run low on battery more quickly, especially in remote areas when they're consistently searching for a signal. A hand-held GPS has just one job and is built to last for long periods of time, especially with features like GPS mode that actively saves battery.

Aside from the more utilitarian uses, handheld GPS are also great for hobbies, including geocaching. Many geocache locations are more remote, making GPS an ideal option to help you find them. Additionally, some of the hand-held Garmin GPS systems also come with tools and tips just for geocaching. The GPSMAP 65 has automatic cache updates, so you know you're getting the most up-to-date information, as well as useful hints and descriptions to help you find your next cache location.

Whether you love to run or cycle outdoors and want to plan your routes or check them after you're done, taking a handheld GPS is a great way to do it. They're lighter and more accurate than your mobile phone, and the watch-like design of many of Garmin's tech makes for a perfect outdoor companion. For hikers, handheld GPS is an invaluable tool to help you do everything from finding the best way through remote wilderness to staying on course and finding your next stopping point. Explore the range now and find your perfect adventure accessory.