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With one of the largest Garmin vehicle navigator collections in Australia, we’re sure you’ll find the best Car GPS device right here. Whether you’re looking for vehicle navigators for offroading, 4x4 vehicles, urban driving and more, we have specific GPS devices for every type of vehicle. Looking for a specific feature like custom vehicle routing, live traffic updates or a built-in dashcam? With over 20 years of experience in the industry, you can rely on our team for advice on which car GPS is right for you. Contact us today for support.

Explore Our Selection of Car GPS Solutions

With our extensive range, we have vehicle GPS solutions for everyone, however you like to spend your days: 

For the Everyday 

We have a number of GPS car navigators that come with features for everyday use. 


Browse the range to find GPS vehicle units that offer incredible off-road navigation. With Wi-Fi® connectivity, you can get updates of maps and software that pairs with select Garmin GPS dog systems. This means you can navigate and track your dogs from inside your vehicle! Useful for a day out in the park. 

Enjoy Family Holidays 

Travel confidently along a custom route that's based on the size and weight of your campervan or mobile holiday home. 


Get access to advanced GPS Mapping Software, like the Birdseye satellite imagery (subscription-based) to see vivid aerial views to help you with a smooth arrival at your RV park or campground.


Know of upcoming steep grades, sharp curves, weight limits and more before you get to them. Detailed elevation information helps you prepare for possible steep grades along the route.

Race to Win

Built for high-speed and high-performance Baja trophy truck racing, this off-road GPS racing navigator has the tools you need to stay on track and the communication technology to stay in touch with global satellite coverage while you're competing.


Keep track of you and your team with advanced positioning that can give you live updates to give you the best route and detailed performance times.

Benefits of Using Our Car GPS Navigation Systems

As one of the largest suppliers of Garmin GPS products in Australia, when you browse our selection of Car GPS solutions, you’re sure to find all the fantastic accessories that go with it. 


Shop online now for fast delivery, to anywhere in Australia. Naturally, all items sold through our website are shipped with a traceable tracking number. 


If you want to see us in person, call ahead and visit one of our stores in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne. We’re happy to walk you through which car GPS is best for you and if you need any RAM Mounts to attach it. 

Discover the Best GPS Navigation Systems for Cars in Australia

If you need any replacement parts, we have you covered. Just ask our great customer service team if you are having any issues. We’ll get you sorted, so shop with confidence!

FAQs About Car GPS

A car GPS navigation device is a tool that provides real-time directions and mapping capabilities. It does this by utilising global satellite networks and local geographical data to assist drivers in navigating any road, even if they're off the map. 


With a car GPS navigator, you can find destinations, plan routes efficiently and make travel more convenient and time-saving. 


Of course, a car GPS tracker will work with any vehicle, you just need the right accessory or RAM Mount to attach it.

When selecting a Car GPS Navigation System from Johnny Appleseed GPS, consider features like: 


  • live traffic updates
  • screen size
  • lane guidance
  • speed limit alerts
  • voice-activated navigation for hands-free operation

Johnny Appleseed GPS ensures their Car GPS Systems are user-friendly, with straightforward installation processes that typically involve attaching the device to your dashboard or windshield. 


The intuitive interfaces and touchscreens allow for easy navigation of menus and features, making these systems accessible even for those not tech-savvy.

Most Car GPS devices from Johnny Appleseed GPS in Australia do not require a monthly subscription fee. 


The initial purchase usually includes free map updates and basic features. However, additional services like live traffic or BirdsEye satellite imagery might require a separate subscription or one-time payment, depending on the model and features chosen.