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Need a reliable mount for your Garmin GPS?


Shop our range of RAM Garmin mounts for GPS handhelds, navigators, radios and more. For specific guidance to help you find the right GPS mount for your needs, talk to our team today or visit us in-store in Brisbane, Sydney, or St Kilda.

Secure Your Device with the Best Garmin Mounts

Keep your Garmin GPS units secured, functional, and safe from potential damage with the range of RAM mounts specifically designed to support Garmin devices.

Our selection includes mounts for vehicles, boats, bikes, and securing to your person. The latter includes mounts/holders that can be affixed to your belt or backpack.

We stock RAM mounts as they are a market leader in manufacturing some of the highest quality mounts that can withstand extreme conditions, use cases, and wear and tear.

Find the Perfect RAM Garmin Mount for Your Needs

Whatever you need a Garmin mount for, the range by RAM has got you sorted. They manufacture mounts that can be secured to your vehicle of choice (car, utility vehicle, motorbike, etc.), boat, or person.

RAM mounts are designed to last, which makes them a fantastic choice for securing your Garmin GPS when you’re navigating tough terrain or severe weather.

Explore Our Range of Garmin GPS RAM Mounts

Our current selection of RAM mounts for Garmin GPS units is sure to cater to your needs, whether you need a mount for big road trips, offroading adventures, boating excursions or day-long hikes.

View the range on this page to see what’s available.

FAQs About Garmin Mounts

We sell a wide range of Garmin-compatible mounts that are designed and manufactured by RAM Mounts. These include mounts for Garmin’s wide selection of Nüvi and other GPS units for vehicles.

Other Garmin mounts include:

RAM mounts come in a variety of form factors and with set mount bases. These include suction-based mounts, U-bolts, mounts that can be secured in cup holders, and more.

Really, the factors to consider are where you’d like your Garmin GPS to be situated in your vehicle and, accordingly, where the mount should be set.

Ensure your desired RAM mount supports your device and go from there. RAM mounts that use bases such as a U-bolt, clamp, or adhesive are good options for affixing the mount to your vehicle without necessarily requiring any drilling.

RAM mounts are designed for durability and to withstand rugged conditions across various vehicle types and use cases - cars, trucks, boats, hikes, mountain biking, etc.

Thanks to their modular design that allows you to swap out parts and the mount base (suction, u-bolt, cup-holder, etc.), you have a lot of control in terms of how to set up your mount.

Whatever RAM mount you opt for with your Garmin devices, rest easy knowing that all RAM mounts are built for durability, easy installation, and accessible customisation.

Right here at Johnny Appleseed GPS. We have a great range of Garmin-compatible RAM mounts to select from. View the collection on this page.