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Johnny Appleseed GPS is the premier destination for truck drivers across Australia, offering the most extensive selection of truck GPS solutions and mounting systems. Our inventory boasts the latest in truck GPS technology, including high-definition displays, real-time traffic updates, and route optimisation for commercial vehicles. 

Our collection also features a comprehensive range of mounting solutions tailored to the unique needs of truckers. From robust dash and windshield mounts to custom-fit holder options for specific GPS models like the Garmin DezI truck GPS, we ensure your navigation system is securely mounted and easily accessible, regardless of the rig you drive. 


All our selected Truck GPS units are engineered to withstand the rigours of the road, effectively absorbing shock and vibration. This guarantees your device stays firmly in place, making Johnny Appleseed GPS your reliable partner for all your trucking navigation needs.

Explore Our Selection of Truck GPS Solutions

When it comes to equipping your truck with a GPS system, especially considering the long distances and varied terrains you'll be navigating, choosing high-quality items is a necessity.  

Reliability in Diverse Conditions 

High-quality truck GPS systems offer superior reliability across a range of environmental conditions. Whether you're driving through intense heat, cold, rain, or across rugged terrains, a quality GPS won't let you down. 

Enhanced Durability 

The demands of long-distance trucking require equipment that can withstand constant use and the occasional rough handling. Our truck GPS units and mounts are built to last, featuring robust construction that can endure the vibrations and shocks that come with the trucking lifestyle. 

Optimal Visibility and Accessibility 

High-definition displays, voice navigation, and easy-to-navigate menus make it easier to use your GPS system safely, reducing the risk of distraction.


We've picked the truck GPS systems that come with user-friendly interfaces and mounts that offer optimal visibility and ease of use. This is vital for maintaining focus on the road while accessing necessary navigation information. 

Benefits of using Garmin Truck GPS Devices

Customised Truck Routing  

Garmin Truck GPS devices come equipped with specialised routing options that consider the size and weight of your truck, hazardous materials, and cargo. This feature ensures that the routes provided are not only efficient but also safe and compliant with road regulations. 

Real-time Traffic and Weather Updates  

With integrated live traffic and weather updates, Garmin Truck GPS devices help you stay ahead of the curve. These devices offer up-to-the-minute information about traffic congestion, accidents, and weather conditions, allowing you to make informed decisions about route adjustments on the fly.  

Break Planning and Fuel Tracking  

Garmin's truck GPS devices are designed with the long-haul driver in mind. They include features for break planning, which help you find the most convenient stops for rest, fuel, food, and truck maintenance. 

Discover the Best Truck Navigation Systems for Cars in Australia

Whether you're traversing the coastal highways or navigating through remote outback roads, Johnny Appleseed GPS has the technology and expertise to keep you on the right track.

Explore the full range today and check out our FAQ’s below to learn more. If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch with our team. 

FAQs About Truck GPS

A Truck GPS Navigation Device is a specialised type of GPS (Global Positioning System) device tailored specifically for the needs and challenges of truck drivers and the commercial trucking industry. Unlike standard car GPS systems, truck navigation devices incorporate a variety of features and technologies designed to assist in the safe and efficient navigation of large vehicles like semis, lorries, and other heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) across diverse road networks.

  • Hands-Free Operation and Voice Commands: A system that supports hands-free operation and recognises voice commands is crucial for maintaining focus on the road. This feature allows you to interact with the GPS and make adjustments without taking your hands off the wheel, significantly reducing distractions and increasing safety.


  • Break and Fuel Stop Planning: A GPS that can suggest optimal times and places for breaks, fuel stops, and overnight parking based on your route and hours of service can be a game-changer.  


  • Multi-Stop Route Planning: For drivers who need to make multiple deliveries or stops in a single trip, a GPS system with the capability to plan routes with several stops in the most efficient order is invaluable.  

Yes, most modern Truck GPS Systems are designed to be user-friendly, with many models offering plug-and-play functionality. 


  • Intuitive Interface: Truck GPS systems are designed with an intuitive interface, making them easy to navigate. Large icons, touch-screen controls, and clear, audible instructions ensure that drivers can use the device without extensive technical knowledge.


  • Voice Commands: Many models support voice-activated navigation, allowing drivers to input destinations and perform other functions hands-free, enhancing convenience and safety.


  • Easy to Update: Keeping the maps and software up to date is crucial for accurate navigation. Truck GPS systems often offer easy update processes through WiFi connectivity, ensuring you have the latest information without complicated procedures.

Most Truck GPS devices do not require a monthly subscription fee for basic navigation features, such as mapping and routing. These devices come preloaded with maps and offer core navigational capabilities without the need for ongoing costs.