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View the market leaders in fish finder technology, with products that consistently push the boundaries for sonar technology. 


These fish finders are the perfect addition to your arsenal. They allow you to focus on what you love by displaying fish structures and helping you gauge the value of your current fishing location.

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To get the most out of your fishing game, you need a device that can streamline the process. Modern fish finders are packed-full of exceptional features that give you an edge.

Utilising sonar technology and integrated GPS (or paired GPS with your smartphone), you can comprehensively map your surroundings to identify ideal bodies of water, schools of fish, depth and obstructions. You can mark key waypoints to help you navigate and return to fishing hotspots.

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Navigate with Garmin Fish Finder GPS Systems

We proudly sell a selection of Garmin’s best fish finders. Each Garmin fish finder features integrated GPS along with its comprehensive sonar-based detection. Get an all-in-one fish detection solution with Garmin’s fish finders.

FAQs About Fish Finders

A fish finder, as the name suggests, is a device that can be used to help you find pockets of fish and other sea life through the use of sonar technology.

Sonar (Sound Navigation and Ranging) works by sending sound waves through the water. When these sound waves reach objects in the water (fish, vegetation, coral, the sea floor, etc.), they then rebound as echoes to the sonar’s transducer, which helps it measure the distance of objects.

This data is then processed and returned as an image or graphical representation of what is below the water’s surface. The user can refer to this image to assess where larger schools of fish are and move accordingly.

In general, fish finders will make it much easier to find many varieties of fish. Once you know how to interpret the readings on your fish finder, you’ll find your efforts will improve.

Still, there will be factors that impact whether or not a fish finder can uncover all fish in your area. Larger fish, for example, are easier for sonar to detect than smaller fish. If the depth of the area you’re fishing is particularly deep, your fish finder may not fully map the ocean floor.

Similarly, varying water temperatures, murky waters, rocks and large amounts of vegetation can impact readings.

Your ability to uncover fishing hotspots will improve substantially with a high-quality fish finder GPS, but you’ll get the most out of it when you account for the factors that can impact its effectiveness in different settings.

Whether you need a separate GPS unit will depend on the type of fish finder you purchase. Many modern fish finders have integrated GPS or allow you to pair the fish finder with your smartphone for coverage. The range of Garmin fish finders available at Johnny Appleseed GPS all include integrated GPS, making them particularly comprehensive as a fish finder solution.

There are numerous benefits that come from using portable fish finders, ultimately resulting in a more optimised fishing experience.

These advantages include:

  • Optimised detection of fish - particularly schools of fish
  • Being able to map the depth of your surroundings and more easily locate fish habitats
  • Water temperature readings that allow you to make better decisions as to where your ideal fish may be
  • Waypoint mapping so you can record key points of interest and refer to them in the future
  • Time-saving by making the discovery of fishing hotspots easier