Spot Trace Theft Tracking Device (SPOTTRACE)


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Spot Trace Theft Tracking Device

Protect your assets with the Spot tracking device. This discreet theft tracking device can be mounted anywhere on your car, caravan, motorcycle, boat or any asset to give you peace of mind; that your hard-earned asset is exactly where it’s meant to be.

How does it work?

The Spot Trace is an anti-theft GPS tracking device that will alert you via text/email messages as soon as movement is detected on your asset. The satellite connection will make sure you’re able to be constantly given position updates even if the asset is moved outside cell phone range.

You can track your assets movement anytime via Google Maps in near real-time, and it will report position updates to you in the following intervals: 2.5 minutes, 5, 10, 30 or 60. The Spot Trace device has extended battery life options, including eight lithium batteries (included) or available separately NiMH rechargeable batteries. This device can even be line-powered in.

This price is only for the Spot Trace Tracking device, not subscription plans. Once purchased, you'll need to register and activate your device via the Official Spot Website. A yearly or monthly subscription is required to use the features. None of the services will work without a valid subscription (including the SOS feature).


Spot Trace Pricing*

Pricing correct as of 06/09/2019. Contact Us for more information about Spot Trace Subscriptions.


Basic Service: $15.95 USD/month (inc GST)

Extreme Tracking: Additional $7.98 USD/month (inc GST)

FLEX Charge*: Additional $27.45 USD/year (inc GST)

Paid Monthly (Annual Subscription):

Basic Service: $13.15 USD/month (inc GST)

Extreme Tracking: Additional $6.33 USD/month (inc GST)

Activation Fee**: $21.95 USD (inc GST)

Paid Annually:

Basic Service: $157.74 USD/annually (inc GST)

Extreme Tracking: Additional $75.90 USD/annually (inc GST)

Activation Fee**: $21.95 USD (inc GST)


The SPOT Trace device requires an active service subscription to properly perform tracking functions. All subscriptions auto-renew at the end of the contract term.

* Enrolment in any Flex Plan is subject to an Annual Flex Charge that is collected once per year at renewal, even if the device is suspended at that time. This Flex charge allows you to suspend the service at any time during the year without activation fee recurrence when turning service on again. All Flex Plans have a one month minimum term.

** All Annual & Flex plans are subject to a one-time activation fee. Early termination of the service agreement will require a customer to pay an Early Termination Fee to the amount of 100% of the outstanding balance of the contract, plus the full amount of any credits issued during the Term (including promotions).

Spot Trace

Uses Satellite Technology

Track your possessions even when out of mobile phone range.

Using 100% satellite technology, SPOT Trace tracks your most valuable assets virtually anywhere in the world, on your phone or computer.
This system can track items that are beyond the reach of traditional mobile phone coverage.
Affordable and easy to use, SPOT Trace is a no-brainer for your cars, boats, motorcycles, toys and other valuables.
Spot Trace

Track Your Possession On Your Phone Or Computer

With customised tracking options to suit your needs.

Select the rate at which tracking updates are sent — every 2 1/2 (extra subscription required), 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes.
Instantly receive a text or email when your most valuable assets move, or follow them on Google Maps™ anytime on your phone or computer.
Easy to use, SPOT Trace's compact design and multiple mounting options allow you to track practically anything. A long battery life and plug-in power option lets you track with no worries.
Spot Trace

User Friendly Tracking

Follow your possessions on Google Maps at anytime.

Once activated and powered on, SPOT Trace will acquire its exact coordinates from the GPS network. SPOT Trace sends the GPS location to communication satellites.
The satellites relay the message to a ground network, which uses the internet to route the message to your phone or computer.
SPOT Trace allows you to monitor your asset and track its movement in near real-time via Google Maps™.
Because SPOT Trace uses satellite technology, it can communicate from some of the most remote locations around the world.
Never let your most valuable asset disappear without a trace.
Height: 6.83 cm (2.69")
Width: 5.13 cm (2.02")
Thickness: 2.14 cm (.95")
Weight: 87.9 g
Operating Temp: -30 C to 60 C
Operating Altitude: -100 m to 6,500 m
Humidity Rated: MIL-STD-810F, Method 507.3, 95% to 100% cond.
Vibration Rated: Per SAE J1455
Waterproof Rated: IPX7 (1 m for up to 30 minutes). Not waterproof when using line power.

Battery Life:
Spot Trace Battery Life

Coverage Map:
Spot Trace Coverage Area Specifications are provided as a guide only, and are subject to change without notice.
Package Includes:

  • SPOT TRACE Theft-Alert Tracking Device
  • Reversible mounting bracket, industrial-strength double-sided tape, adhesive grip pad, adhesive hook-and-loop tape
  • Line power with 5V USB connection
  • 4 AAA Energizer Ultimate lithium 8x batteries (L92)
  • Owner's manual

Compatible Accessories

  • Cables
  • SPOT Part Number:
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    Average Customer Rating:  
      (4.6 out of 5 based on 10 reviews)

    Verified Buyer's Rating
    5 5
    , Hobart
    19 August 2021

    Works as advertised

    I use it to monitor my motorbike, for the hopefully unlikely event some low-life thieves it. I already use a SpotX for my paragliding activities and knew this would be easy to set up - it was. Sits discreetly out of view doing what it does.

    Pros: Discreet; set and forget.
    Cons: The plan isn't cheap.
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    Verified Buyer's Rating
    5 5
    , Melbourne, VIC
    10 February 2021

    Nice and small device for tracking

    Bought this device to alert me to the current position of our old wooden boat. Gives me piece of mind that it hasn't sunk or broken its mooring. Works as advertised and is very cheap compared to any other alternative on the market. Features dock mode for boats which works well and is water proof with the addon waterproof cable although the cable could be longer as it has a max length of 3 metres only. You also need a subscription for this device from the creators, however, I think the subscriptions are very reasonably priced and quite feature rich for the price. One thing which would be great is some other mounting options like a side mount so it could be attached to the side of a porthole on a boat, etc as it needs a view of the sky to work. Would be happy to pay extra for these and this would make the device very versatile. Over all it is a great device and package and would definitly purchase again in the future for tracking other property.

    Pros: Bought this for our yacht and does a great job of letting me know it's current location. Has a docked feature for boats that is very handy to not give false positive movement alerts. Also like that it can alert you to it being turned off, lets me know if the boat has sunk!
    Cons: Got the water proof cable addon and the cable is only 3 metres which is restrictive on a boat.
    3 of 3 people found this review useful
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    Verified Buyer's Rating
    5 5
    , Merriwa Western Australia 6030
    5 December 2019

    Love it - meets my needs perfectly

    This device is perfect for a hidden tracer on my boat. I mounted it in the back of my car for 2 weeks to learn how it worked. It tracked the movement of my car with appropriate messages sent to my mobile phone on each and every drive. There are only a few simple settings to play with to set the device to suit your requirements and preserve battery life. so very quick to register create an account and activate all very easy to do. Nice product thank you.

    Pros: Easy to set up and get working.
    Cons: Nothing really - I'm wondering about battery life but it hasn't been an issue yet.
    2 of 2 people found this review useful
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    Verified Buyer's Rating
    5 5
    , SA
    6 December 2017

    Fantastic Item

    The Spotrace is a very hady piece of kit, works extremely well. very happy.

    Pros: Small and compact
    3 of 3 people found this review useful
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    Verified Buyer's Rating
    5 5
    , Redcliffe QLD
    21 September 2017

    Works exactly as described

    Using in fibreglass bodied vehicle successfully. Signal working through 2 panels attached with Velcro. Will run from 5v emergency power pack meant for phone instead of AAA batteries. ??? where to put in car as literature states performance not compatible with metal shielding. No experience with this. Much better outcome than previous 3G mobile phone network device. Running 5 min positions - only missed a couple of spots on road winding through high cliff surroundings. Email & SMS received within a couple of mins of movement or stopped. Map display of position accurate.

    Pros: Set up was easy and working reliably.
    2 of 2 people found this review useful
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