These packages come all set up, tested, and backed with free support from the Johnny Appleseed GPS - GIS support team. Generally, units are available for pick-up only in Brisbane. Any freight charges to you, and return, are always additional, or at your own cost.

For more information, or to arrange a hire, call us on 1800 477 477 or 07 3717 8555.


Our easy to use sub-metre hire system includes a modern iPad with rugged case running data and asset capture software, and a Trimble PG200 professional GPS with active RTX subscription. This will allow you to achieve real time horizontal accuracies of 50-70cm anywhere in Australia. No messy or error-prone post-processing back in the office. Your data can be stored locally on the iPad, or sync’ed straight to the cloud. Johnny Appleseed GPS sets up the equipment and tests it before hiring it out, to make sure it's setup the way you need it to be. Of course it is also backed up by our local GIS support team. Our sub-metre hire option is also available with a more advanced PDA running ArcPad, survey pole, for GIS professionals.


  • Daily: $585.00 inc. GST
  • Weekly: $1500.00 inc. GST
  • Monthly: $3800.00 inc. GST