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Take your fitness training to the next level with one of the largest ranges of Garmin Fitness Watches in Australia. All of our fitness watches are backed with an Australian warranty. Talk to our team if you’re looking for watches for specific fitness training areas like running, hiking, trail running, diving, marathons, swimming, and more.

Start your Fitness Journey with Our Range of Fitness Watches

With the largest collection of Garmin fitness watches in Australia, you’ll have access to GPS watches with a huge range of features and styles to choose from.  


With tough, high-quality materials that are built to last with GPS functions so you can go off the grid and stay tracked anywhere in the world, even where mobile coverage won’t reach. 


From deep diving capabilities to solar charging lenses, we have the fitness tracking watch for your particular fitness journey. With the accessories to match - you can tailor your GPS watch to your liking. 

Benefits of Using A Fitness Watch

  • Track your time, distance, pace and speed during your run or walk with built-in GPS.
  • Personalise your training plan easily. 
  • Take the guesswork out of training. This smartwatch suggests runs tailored to you.
  • Get up to 2 weeks of battery life (in certain models because less charging is always a good thing). 


With a fitness watch as compared to a smartphone, you have an accessory that compliments your lifestyle and shows others how committed you are to your fitness goals. 


The GPS function also works great on hikes and holidays with more durability and battery life than a smartphone. 


These fitness watches aren’t just for athletes, they work in everyday situations and are designed to complement your lifestyle, all through a sleek design. 

Buy Fitness Watches Online

Try the watch on in person and visit our stores in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.


For online purchases, we offer fast delivery across Australia. All items sold through Johnny Appleseed GPS are shipped with a traceable tracking number so just like you they won’t get lost!

FAQs About Fitness Watches

A Fitness Watch is a wearable device designed to track physical activity, monitor health metrics, and support fitness goals


Unlike a regular watch that primarily displays time, a Fitness Watch includes sensors and software for tracking steps, heart rate, sleep patterns, and various exercises. 


It's tailored for active individuals in Australia, offering insights and data to improve health and fitness routines.

Johnny Appleseed GPS Fitness Watches are equipped with a range of sensors, including accelerometers, GPS, and heart rate monitors, to accurately track physical activities like walking, running, swimming, and cycling


They analyse movements, heart rate variability, and even sleep quality to provide a comprehensive overview of your health metrics. This data helps users in Australia to set fitness goals, monitor progress, and make informed health decisions.

Many Fitness Watches available from Johnny Appleseed GPS are designed to be waterproof, making them suitable for activities like swimming, surfing, or simply wearing in the rain. 


The level of water resistance can vary between models, with some being fully submersible to certain depths. This feature is particularly beneficial in Australia, where outdoor and water-based activities are popular.

Yes, Fitness Watches from Johnny Appleseed GPS are generally compatible with smartphones and other devices. 


They often connect via Bluetooth, allowing users to sync data with fitness apps, receive notifications, and even control music playback on their smartphones. 


This compatibility extends to various operating systems, ensuring that users across Australia can connect their Fitness Watch to their preferred devices for a seamless fitness tracking experience.