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Johnny Appleseed GPS is the largest authorised RAM reseller in Australia. We stock the largest range of RAM mounts and products, including Tablet and iPad Mounts, Phone and iPhone Mounts, Motorcycle Mounts, Laptop Mounts, Vehicle and 4WD Mounts, and the complete range of RAM components, Intelliskin GDS, and suction mounts. RAM's patented solid rubber ball and sturdy metal socket mounts have a unique ability to absorb shock and vibration, making them a resilient and reliable option to secure your device with, no matter the vehicle you’re in. 

Discover the Perfect RAM Mount for Your Needs

Enjoy the security and flexibility of RAM mounts, the superior option for attaching everything from a smartphone to a laptop to your desired location. Johnny Appleseed GPS has options spanning everything from outfitting your car, motorcycle, or bicycle handlebars, home office, or boat.

Built to last and with a variety of designs and hard-wearing materials used to ensure the best quality, RAM mounts are easy to install, adjust, and remove to give you complete control. Explore the biggest range of RAM mounts in Australia with an option for every device and vehicle.

Why Choose RAM Mounts?

RAM mounts are the ultimate accessory for attaching your device securely. There’s a huge range of options with a variety of designs that are compatible with all of the most popular devices and brands. Designed to handle the most rugged aspects of life while delivering incredible security, RAM mounts are designed for busy people with busy lives.

RAM mounts are fully adjustable, meaning you can control the height and elevation your device is set at without needing to remove and reattach the mount entirely to adjust it. Their design also helps to reduce reverberation when you’re in transit, giving you a clearer picture without any rattling, even when you’re on more rough terrain.

When you purchase a RAM mount, it’s an investment that pays for itself. They’re an exceptional product made from high-quality materials, including stainless steel and marine-grade aluminium, that’s resistant to rust and is built to last no matter the conditions you take them through.

Buy High-Quality RAM Mounts Australia

With a 30-day perfect-fit guarantee, we’re confident you’ll find the right option for your device. Whether you’re driving long distances, hitting the trails, or heading out onto the lake or sea, you can rest assured that your GPS, phone, tablet, or even laptop will stay exactly where you put it.

Filter your options and choose from the environment you need your RAM mount for, or sort by device. Our range covers various attachment styles, giving you the choice to find the perfect one for your next trip or adventure.

You know you’re getting the best quality when you purchase a RAM mount from Johnny Appleseed GPS for your device because they’re also backed by a lifetime warranty. It gives you security when you’re on the road, trail, or sea, as well as knowing when you buy RAM mounts, you’ll have them for life.

FAQs About RAM Mounts

RAM mounts are a piece of hardware that allows you to attach your devices to just about any flat surface. They're designed to accommodate everything from cameras and GPS systems to tablets, phones, and laptops, handling static environments like your home desk to more rugged environments like marine settings and outback terrain. 

The term RAM stands for Round A Mount, referring to the classic ball mount system that not only delivers rigid security for your devices but also makes it easier to adjust them to the perfect angle. With hundreds of options and accessories to choose from, there are as many RAM mounts as there are devices, ensuring you have the option to keep everything secure no matter where you're going. 

You can find the perfect RAM mount for any device by filtering by device or brand. We have everything from tablet and iPad RAM mounts to Samsung and GPS mounts, as well as options for laptops and cameras. One of the major advantages of the RAM Mounts range is that they're incredibly versatile and interchangeable. This means if you update or change your device, typically, most mounts can be upgraded with various accessories, so you won't need to replace the mount itself entirely. 

If it moves and requires navigation, RAM Mounts will have an option for you. You can find an option for everything from something that'll attach to your car dashboard or windscreen to motorcycle or moped handlebars, boat console or even kayak. If you need help finding the perfect option, you can either filter the results or contact our team for a personal recommendation. 

RAM ball mounts are an innovative design that makes adjusting and refining the angle your device sits incredibly easy. The ball is the intermediary between your device and the base of the mount that attaches to whichever surface you've chosen. Once it's set up, you can change the positioning of your device easily without needing to remove it entirely.

Choosing the right size for your RAM Mount involves considering a few things first.


Consider the environment where the mount will be used. For example, a RAM mount used on a motorcycle will be one of the smaller vehicle RAM mounts due to being fitted on the handlebars. Look at where the RAM mount will be fitted to get a sense of what size is needed.


Think about any accessories or extensions you might want to add to your RAM Mount setup in the future. Are you pairing it with a large GPS monitor or your smartphone? Choosing a size that is compatible with a wide range of RAM components can offer greater stability. 


If you’re still not sure which size is best for your situation, reach out to us and we’ll give you a helping hand. Whatever the case, you can also count on our perfect fit guarantee


For any RAM Mount products (that are returned within 30 days with a proof of purchase) that are not the right size, we will give you a full refund (minus any shipping paid including return postage). We’re here to help you find the best RAM product, so we don’t want you to worry about getting the wrong size. That’s why the perfect fit guarantee has you covered!