LIND Nautiz X7 12-32V Car Charger

$269.00 (RRP $279.00)

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$269.00 (RRP $279.00)

Pay in 4 interest-free payments of $67.25 Learn More

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High quality rugged 12-32V car charger to suit the Nautiz X7 or Getac PS236 rugged PDA.

This charger has an input power limit, to reduce the stress on the input fuse and wiring. It also has a low input voltage cut off - which helps prevent the vehicle battery from being discharged to a point where it will no longer start the vehicle, as well as a high input voltage cut off - to protect the charger and device from damage.

The adapter has current limiting circuitry to limit the amount of power fed into a faulty load. The adapter has a short delay to allow it to operate through a momentary fault or current pulse. If the overload persists, the unit will turn the output off, wait 10 seconds and try to restart. If the fault is still present it will repeat this step.

With overtemperature shutdown the adapter will shut off if it gets too hot, to prevent damage to itself and stay off until it has cooled down to a safe temperature and then restart. It also limits the output voltage to a safe level that will not damage the device in the rare case of an internal failure.

The electronics in the adapter are sealed in a thermally conductive potting material which helps distribute the heat generated in the adapter and helps make them resistant to shock and vibration.

It has a "Wide" and "Narrow" switch, to ensure easy fit of the 12v charger to your vehicle, and an LED indicator that is lit when the output voltage is present.