RAM Black Metal RAM Tripod

$434.00 (RRP $482.00)

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$434.00 (RRP $482.00)

Pay in 4 interest-free payments of $108.50 Learn More

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The RAM Tripod is truly a go anywhere workstation. Whether you need a temporary podium to give a presentation or support survey equipment on a jobsite, the RAM Tripod is ideally suited for these applications and much more. With several configurations available to choose from, systems can be ordered that are ready to support your laptop, tablet pc, Netbook, or DGPS and RTK system.

Simple to adapt to most any mounting application, the RAM Tripod offers 3/8"-16 female, 3/8"-16 male, and 1/4"-20 male thread for cameras, other optics and other devices. Also, the built in bubble level and comfortable grips make set up and handling a breeze.

Of course you can expect to fix a RAM rubber ball base to the top of the tripod or any of its legs for the pinnacle of versatility. Truly one of the most capable and versatile tripod systems available today, like you, the RAM Tripod knows no boundaries.

Using the RAM-TRIPOD1 to view the Transit of Venus

Transit of Venus

This set up was designed for observation of the transit of Venus on the 6 June 2012. You do NOT look through the binoculars, just project the two images of the sun on an A4 size card held about 300mm behind the eyepiece.

The clamp holding the binoculars is a RAM-B-231Z-2U, which includes the pipe clamp screw up strap (2 other U bolt alternatives are in the packet). The ball at the top of the tripod, is a RAM-B-337U, and the RAM-B-201-A joins the two. The tripod is the RAM-TRIPOD1.

If you have your own tripod, use the RAM-B-231Z to fit on one leg. Then the RAM-B-231Z-2U clamps the binoculars, and the RAM-B-201 or RAM-B-201-A joins the 2.