Philips Hue Lily Outdoor Spot XL


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Pay in 4 interest-free payments of $61.00 Learn More

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Philips Hue Lily XL Outdoor Spot Light (Extension)

Meet the spotlight squad

Enhance your outdoor space and create the right atmosphere for any occasion with Lily spot lights.

Control your way

Use a Hue app, your voice or smart accessories to control your set-up.

Personalise with the Hue app

Use the Hue app to personalise your experience: adjust colour, dim lights down low, create your own custom light scenes and more. 

Turn on the lights with movement

Add the Hue outdoor sensor to get hands-free control – just walk past to trigger your outdoor (or indoor!) lights.

Go hands-free with voice

Give voice commands to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri and let them control your outdoor lights.

Simple to install

With Philips LowVolt technology, you can plug your outdoor lights into the included low-voltage adapter – no complicated wiring required.

Versatile mounting options

Use Lily spot lights however you like: mount high up on a post for downlighting, nestle into the flower bed to highlight a garden or shine light up through the branches of a tree for a unique look.

Easy to extend

Add more Lily spot lights to your set-up with an easy-to-use T-connector, one of the features of the LowVolt system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Lily and the Lily XL?

Size and lumen output. Both the Lily spotlight and Lily XL spotlights are Philips Hue White and colour ambience smart outdoor spotlights. The Lily spotlight has a lumen output of 600 and is smaller in stature than the Lily XL, which offers a lumen output of 1,050.

What do I need to use a Lily or Lily XL spotlight?

All outdoor Philips Hue products require a Hue Bridge (sold separately). Both the Lily and Lily XL also require a power supply unit. Base kits always include a power supply unit, while extension kits do not.

Are the Lily and Lily XL designed for outdoor use?

Yes. Lily and Lily XL spotlights are made for outdoor use and can withstand most weather conditions.

Is a power supply unit included with a Lily or Lily XL spotlight?

It depends on which Lily or Lily XL you bought. Base kits always include a power supply unit, while extension kits do not.

This product is an extension kit and does not include a power supply unit.

Are Lily and Lily XL part of the LowVolt range of products?

Yes. The Lily and Lily XL both use Philips Hue LowVolt technology, which means that their power supply can plug into a normal power point. A 40 W power supply unit will power five Lily spotlights or three Lily XL spotlights.

How do I use my Lily or Lily XL spotlights in my garden?

Lily spotlights are versatile: mount the spotlights up high to shine their light downwards, or place them at ground level to create a dramatic effect.

Can I adjust the position of my Lily?

Lily spotlights come with adjustable mounts that let you change the angle and rotation of the spotlights, as well as a ground spike to position them at ground level in the grass or soil.

Is the Lily designed to work all year round?

Yes – in most climates. The Lily and Lily XL are designed to operate between -20 °C and 40 °C.